Welcome to Underground Utility Locating

  • Q - Do I need Dial Before You Dig Plans?
       A - Yes. To provide the “full” picture of underground services and give the best possible    Locations, we ask for current DBYD plans. They are also part of  our Workplace    Health and Safety policies, Insurance and Legal requirements.

    Q - I am on private property & the plans don’t show any services. Why do I need a          Location?
       A - Asset Utility owners only show their own cables and pipes (which sometimes are    in private property), BUT, they wont show private consumer services, eg: Electrical,    Telstra, Gas, Water, Sewer, and minor services, which would normally require Locating    to avoid  excavation  damage.

    Q - Can we locate “Everything” all the time?
       A - Nobody has “X-Ray Vision”, YET!, and nobody can give 100% guarantee that they    can locate every single “unknown service”. Many sites have old and abandoned lines,    cables, and pipes underground that nobody knows about and may never be uncovered    until excavation occurs. Locating is subject to many variables across all types of sites:    soil conditions, influence of other services etc.
       We do guarantee to use all our experience and the latest equipment to provide the very    best Locating Service Available.

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